andres mercado


is an eclectic and creative interior designer with important influences in different arts from an early age, which have driven him to have a bolder and more creative vision.

Thanks to having had the privilege of growing up in a family of musicians and plastic artists and of navigating in the world of performing arts since he was a child, he begins to absorb and learn about art from a magical world, full of stages, universes built to measure, with a high level of detail intended to generate feelings and tell stories, which quickly arouses in Andres an interest that immerses him in the universe of interior design where he now creates real worlds through his bold yet elegant aesthetic vision, ranging from hand in hand with the histrionics and majesty of its designs where stories are told that will remain forever in spaces designed to measure.

His style is not easily identifiable but quickly captivating, his main inspiration comes from the sea, where he finds the peace and balance necessary for his projects to also maintain that balance that is essential for him. With interior design projects in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and the United States and a collection of furniture on request, he manages to expand his privileged and daring vision of art and the luxury of living well.